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(The links below are currently showing only the most recent 60 gigapans due to recent changes at

The gigapan API (application programming interface) allows you to query the database at for information about all the public gigapans there. Click here for three examples of how the API can be used to list all of the gigapans from a single gigapanner. These pages are created on the fly with fresh JSON data every time the page is loaded. The coding was done by Will Fastie who had never parsed JSON data before but obviously knows his way around objects and arrays.

The first table is a list of all my public gigapans with some statistics and a link to view each one at At the bottom of the page are links to two other ways to display and capture the data. One is a more sparse list which I use to paste into Excel. The other is a list of comma separated values which can go into a text file which can be imported into your program of choice. The data returned describes only the current state of a gigapan; temporal trends emerge only after data has been iteratively accumulated over time.

To install this at your Web site, visit the page, view the source, sequentially click to view and copy the source of each of the three htm files, the css file, and the js file, and paste the content into five appropriately named files which must reside at your server (the backspace key is the BACK button in the View Source window). In each of the htm files, you will have to change two variables (full name and the gigapan user name) and edit the URL at the bottom of the page to insert your user name.

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  1. Well, technically I have parsed such data before because the JSON format is identical to the format used in Javascript objects and arrays. But it is true that I’ve never actually attempted to consume a chunk of JSON data before. It was interesting.

    1. When I attempted to bcc Will Fastie on an interesting news snippet, my email eventually bounced, saying that was not a valid address (it had been quite a while since I last used it). So I pointed my browser to, and here I am. Using my powerful analytic mind, I have developed a hypothesis that Chris Fastie and Will Fastie might be related. Any thoughts?
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