Picavet printing guide

For printing on a Makerbot Replicator 1 with Sain Smart PLA, single 0.4 mm MK8 nozzle, 210°C, build plate at 45°C.

Layer height = 0.2 mm, base print speed = 120 mm/second, travel speed = 200 mm/second (acceleration is ON). I generally don’t use rafts.

For other printers, different settings may be appropriate.

Files at Thingiverse

Picavet cross:

  • Position: The cross must be upside down. It must be rotated to fit on the Replicator build plate.
  • Size: The long dimension of the part should be 222 mm.
  • Support: OFF, some support is part of the model (inside the “star”) and that should be removed after printing.
  • Infill: 15% (Makerware honeycomb)
  • Shells: 2
  • Time: 2.3 hours

2 thoughts on “Picavet printing guide”

    1. Hi Bob,

      Yes, 15% is correct. The Picavet is overbuilt which provides extra material to support the carbon shaft and the four eye bolts. So it is printed with a big honeycomb interior which is mostly air. This keeps the weight down and makes it pretty strong. The other parts are thinner, so I make the honeycomb smaller to increase strength a bit.

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