Titan 2 Printing Guide

Printing an upper frame and two leg brackets for a Titan 2 Rig.
Printing an upper frame and two leg brackets for a Titan 2 Rig.

For printing on a Makerbot Replicator 1 with Sain Smart PLA, single 0.4 mm MK8 nozzle, 210°C, build plate at 45°C.

I print all leg brackets from ABS for extra resilience.

Layer height = 0.2 mm, base print speed = 120 mm/second, travel speed = 200 mm/second (acceleration is ON). I generally do not use rafts.

For other printers and materials, different settings may be appropriate.

Files at Thingiverse

Upper frame: 

  • Position: The frame must lay on its back with the printed labels upward. The model has tabs at the end of each arm to improve adhesion to the build plate there.
  • Size: The long dimension of the part should be 155 mm.
  • Support: ON (required for the suspension attachment bracket on top, otherwise none is needed)
  • Infill: 25%
  • Shells: 2
  • Time: 6.2 hours

Leg brackets:

  • Position: Lay horizontally on the flat back.
  • Size: The long dimension should be 36.3 mm
  • Support: OFF (otherwise you will have to ream the support structures out of the long tube)
  • Infill: 35%
  • Shells: 4
  • Time: 1.3 hours (for two)

Camera tray:

  • Position: Lay upside down with “Titan 2” facing up.
  • Size: The long dimension should be 215 mm. This just fits on the build tray of the Replicator 1. Ensure good adhesion so the corners do not curl up.
  • Support: OFF — Can be printed without support because support structures for the oval windows have been added to the model itself.
  • Infill: 25%
  • Shells: 2
  • Time: 8 hours


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