Little Tupper #5

Last weekend we made our fifth annual paddle trip to Little Tupper Lake with the same people, the same menu, and (as always) a new campsite. It was the second year we had to take a ferry from VT to NY instead of the Crown Point Bridge which is being replaced. The Photosynth panorama below of the new bridge was stitched from 12 handheld photos taken from the ferry at the dock.

I have made two Picasa albums from the trip. One has photos taken by a small camera attached to a kite line, and the other has photos taken by a DSLR which stayed close to, and more securely above, the lake surface. Below is a slide show from the KAP album.

If the slide show has stopped, clicking the big arrow in the middle will take you to Picasaweb. To start the show again in situ, click on the lower margin of the window until the controls are displayed.

I flew my third string and fourth string cameras because the flights were all over water, and the wind was strong but not rock steady. My goal is always to stitch photos together, ideally into a half spherical panorama, but the rig was bobbing and weaving, so only single photos are included here. The first KAP session was my first field test of CAMremote as an autoKAP controller. It was nice to have five tilt positions (AuRiCo has only four), but I need to work more with configuring instruction sets for the CAMremote. I don’t quite have a grasp of how it responds to subtle changes in sets. The second session had a $50 ebay Canon SD1100 on a static rig. It’s great to have a low-end camera that I can send over water in squirrely winds, but it’s hard to accept the poor quality images after all that effort to get the rig up there and back.

The following slide show includes some ground- (or lake-) based photos:


Below is an animated GIF of a few photos of Galen. Click to start the animation.

Animated GIF of the Great Backwards Dive. Click to start.
Animated GIF of the Great Backwards Dive. Click to start.

It was another magical trip, the highlight of the summer for at least some of us.

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  1. Thanks for putting this together Chris. I know this is truly the highlight of the summer for my family. Willem and Ella start talking about “next year” in about September.

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