Oak Study Plots

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Trees (all trees >5 cm DBH)

Shrubs and small trees (all shrubs AND all seedlings and saplings of trees)

Forest floor (forbs and graminoides)

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Forest Floor

See the plots, our route, and more via foolproof KML technology
Below are links to three PDFs of Excel graphs of tree results from the study plots:

Salisbury Oak Plot Tree Basal Area This result seems to suggest that each study site is a distinct community.
Salisbury Oak Plot Saplings This result seems to suggest that only the kame terrace study site is distinct from the others.
Salisbury Oak Plot Seedlings This result seems to suggest that all three study sites might belong to the same community.
Here is a revealing table of forest floor species that Lindsay made: Lindsay’s Forest Floor table
Below is a different presentation of the same data in the basal area PDF above (Click to enlarge):

Basal area of trees (> 5cm DBH) in three study plots in the Salisbury Town Forest.

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