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Most of the heat in my house is generated by a wood stove which burns three or four cords of wood a year. When the temperature stays below 20° F for a few days, I let the thermostat turn on the oil furnace for three hours in the morning to take the chill off, but I rarely use the furnace to heat the entire house all day long. I also have a propane space heater in one room that runs on most winter days. Propane is also used to heat water and for the kitchen range, and I use about 350 gallons per year.

The price I paid per gallon of propane compared to the average price paid in New England (data from CLICK TO ENLARGE.
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Salisbury School Programs on Video

Now that Galen is graduating from the sixth grade, I really should do something with all those videos I have taken since 2004. I think I videotaped every winter and spring program, a few celebrations of learning, and some field trips of Galen’s class. This represents many hours of video and a project that will require many months to complete.  I would like to make this video freely available either online or maybe on DVD.

Click here for a tiny sample from the December 2009 Holiday Program.

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