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My Flying GigaPan

It took a couple of weeks for Jeffrey Warren’s message to sink in.  At first I thought his workshop on balloon aerial photography at the Fine gigapixel conference in November promoted a fringe pursuit – lofting cameras on tethered helium…

Redstone Rig Kit

The Redstone Rig kit is the basic rig for small cameras. For balloon or kite mapping and aerial photography. Please select a tray type.

Redstone hardware

All the hardware required to assemble the Redstone Rig into a functional flying camera platform (except the four 3D printed parts).

Titan 2 Rig kit

The Titan 2 Rig kit will build a rig to hold two cameras aimed securely in the same direction. For aerial photography using a balloon or kite.

Pendulum kit

Suspend your camera rig from the flying line with a simple rigid shaft. The Picavet attaches easily to the Redstone or Titan 2 rigs. Best for balloon photography.