The KAPtery has moved

MiddBann2k1Today the KAPtery moved to its own site: This frees up my personal site ( for other things, but most importantly offers you a much better place to learn about 3D printed camera rigs for aerial photography. The commerce part of The KAPtery should also work better — buying kits and parts should be easier and more secure.

Unlike, the new site is not a WordPress site (Yay!). It is a SiteCommander site, which is something incredibly rarer. SiteCommander is a proprietary content management system created by my brother Will and deployed at many of his clients’ sites. SiteCommander leverages Will’s 19 decades of professional experience with databases (he is much older than I am) and is capable of serving all kinds of content in complicated ways that he is not able to explain to me. does not begin to exploit the power of SiteCommander, but Will was able to quickly make the site do anything I asked him for. Let me know if there is anything else you think it should do.

Now I am going to close the store at this site. I hope to see you soon at the new location.

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