Kame Terrace video

The 11.5 minute video below describes some geomorphological features at the eastern edge of the Champlain Valley in Vermont. It includes video animations made in Google Earth and saved as video files using the Movie Maker tool in Google Earth Pro. To watch in HD, go to Vimeo. Continue reading “Kame Terrace video”

Mount Abe Hike

The Google Earth KML tour below shows the hike Galen and I took on July 6, 2010 to the top of Mount Abraham in Vermont. The tour can be started and stopped using the controls at the lower left. The entire tour lasts 75 seconds and has no audio. When the tour ends, you can fly around the landscape, click on the photos to view them, and double click the Gigapan to fly into it. The links within the gigapan popup are not a good way to view the gigapan in an embedded tour.

Click here to open the KML tour in a new browser tab. Then click the “Play Tour” button (upper right) to start the tour. (Note: If you enter a gigapan, the “Exit Photo” button is partly hidden under the “Terrain” button. Click the exposed edge of it to exit the gigapan.) Continue reading “Mount Abe Hike”

Salisbury School Programs on Video

Now that Galen is graduating from the sixth grade, I really should do something with all those videos I have taken since 2004. I think I videotaped every winter and spring program, a few celebrations of learning, and some field trips of Galen’s class. This represents many hours of video and a project that will require many months to complete.  I would like to make this video freely available either online or maybe on DVD.

Click here for a tiny sample from the December 2009 Holiday Program.

Fill out the form below and click Send! and I will let you know when I have the first of these videos available. Thanks. Continue reading “Salisbury School Programs on Video”